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Common errors

<errnoilemsg><![CDATA[Permission denied.]]></errnoilemsg>
<xmlerrmsg><![CDATA[IPC shmat fail 1]]></xmlerrmsg>

errnoile 3401 – usually means another process with a different user profile is using IPC (/tmp/packers3)

<xmlerrmsg>IPC getshm fail</xmlerrmsg>
<xmlhint><![CDATA[/tmp/ ]]></xmlhint>

‘Hung’ semaphores/shared memory associated with a user never suppose to happen, but have seen in rare occasion. The following commands can be used to remove “hung” semaphores/shared memory associated with a user assuming you have appropriate authority to run like SECOFR, etc. (Ranger welcomes you to Unix geek-ville).


grep -i qtm means ipcrm for (QTM)HHTTP ...

endTCPSVR SERVER(*HTTP) INSTANCE(ZENDSVR)                               -- suggest end web server

call qp2term
> ipcs | grep -i qtm | awk '{print "ipcrm -" tolower($1) " "$2}'        -- show action, but NOT do  action
> ipcs | grep -i qtm | awk '{print "ipcrm -" tolower($1) " "$2}' | sh   -- remove semaphores/shared memory

strTCPSVR SERVER(*HTTP) INSTANCE(ZENDSVR)                               -- suggest start web server
<xmlerrmsg>PASE resolve failed</xmlerrmsg>

The program you tried to call, shown here as “MYPGM” (in the CDATA tag), was not found. Make sure you specified the library and program correctly, including upper or lower case (usually upper case).

<xmlerrmsg>XMLCGI invalid</xmlerrmsg>

*NONE requires a special compile of the RPG source and is NOT enabled in production versions of the toolkit by default. It is most useful for demos with custom security like this site, if you try on your machine you will likely get 1480002 error XMLCGI. You can find details in plugerr_h.

ILE errno

Errno Values for UNIX-Type Functions

Programs using the UNIX(R)-type functions may receive error information as errno values. The possible values returned are listed here in ascending errno value sequence.

Name              Value   Text
EDOM              3001    A domain error occurred in a math function.
ERANGE            3002    A range error occurred.
ETRUNC    3003    Data was truncated on an input, output, or update operation.
ENOTOPEN        3004      File is not open.
ENOTREAD        3005      File is not opened for read operations.
EIO               3006    Input/output error.
ENODEV            3007    No such device.
ERECIO            3008    Cannot get single character for files opened for record I/O.
ENOTWRITE       3009      File is not opened for write operations.
ESTDIN            3010    The stdin stream cannot be opened.
ESTDOUT         3011      The stdout stream cannot be opened.
ESTDERR         3012      The stderr stream cannot be opened.
EBADSEEK        3013      The positioning parameter in fseek is not correct.
EBADNAME        3014      The object name specified is not correct.
EBADMODE        3015      The type variable specified on the open function is not correct.
EBADPOS         3017      The position specifier is not correct.
ENOPOS            3018    There is no record at the specified position.
ENUMMBRS        3019      Attempted to use ftell on multiple members.
ENUMRECS        3020      The current record position is too long for ftell.
EINVAL            3021    The value specified for the argument is not correct.
EBADFUNC        3022      Function parameter in the signal function is not set.
ENOENT            3025    No such path or directory.
ENOREC    3026    Record is not found.
EPERM             3027    The operation is not permitted.
EBADDATA        3028      Message data is not valid.
EBUSY             3029    Resource busy.
EBADOPT         3040      Option specified is not valid.
ENOTUPD         3041      File is not opened for update operations.
ENOTDLT         3042      File is not opened for delete operations.
EPAD              3043    The number of characters written is shorter than the expected record length.
EBADKEYLN       3044      A length that was not valid was specified for the key.
EPUTANDGET      3080      A read operation should not immediately follow a write operation.
EGETANDPUT      3081      A write operation should not immediately follow a read operation.
EIOERROR        3101      A nonrecoverable I/O error occurred.
EIORECERR       3102      A recoverable I/O error occurred.
EACCES            3401    Permission denied.
ENOTDIR         3403      Not a directory.
ENOSPC            3404    No space is available.
EXDEV             3405    Improper link.
EAGAIN            3406    Operation would have caused the process to be suspended.
EWOULDBLOCK     3406      Operation would have caused the process to be suspended.
EINTR             3407    Interrupted function call.
EFAULT            3408    The address used for an argument was not correct.
ETIME             3409    Operation timed out.
ENXIO             3415    No such device or address.
EAPAR             3418    Possible APAR condition or hardware failure.
ERECURSE        3419      Recursive attempt rejected.
EADDRINUSE      3420      Address already in use.
EADDRNOTAVAIL   3421      Address is not available.
EAFNOSUPPORT    3422      The type of socket is not supported in this protocol family.
EALREADY        3423      Operation is already in progress.
ECONNABORTED    3424      Connection ended abnormally.
ECONNREFUSED    3425      A remote host refused an attempted connect operation.
ECONNRESET      3426      A connection with a remote socket was reset by that socket.
EDESTADDRREQ    3427      Operation requires destination address.
EHOSTDOWN       3428      A remote host is not available.
EHOSTUNREACH    3429      A route to the remote host is not available.
EINPROGRESS     3430      Operation in progress.
EISCONN         3431      A connection has already been established.
EMSGSIZE        3432      Message size is out of range.
ENETDOWN        3433      The network currently is not available.
ENETRESET       3434      A socket is connected to a host that is no longer available.
ENETUNREACH     3435      Cannot reach the destination network.
ENOBUFS         3436      There is not enough buffer space for the requested operation.
ENOPROTOOPT     3437      The protocol does not support the specified option.
ENOTCONN        3438      Requested operation requires a connection.
ENOTSOCK        3439      The specified descriptor does not reference a socket.
ENOTSUP         3440      Operation is not supported.
EOPNOTSUPP      3440      Operation is not supported.
EPFNOSUPPORT    3441      The socket protocol family is not supported.
EPROTONOSUPPORT 3442      No protocol of the specified type and domain exists.
EPROTOTYPE      3443      The socket type or protocols are not compatible.
ERCVDERR        3444      An error indication was sent by the peer program.
ESHUTDOWN       3445      Cannot send data after a shutdown.
ESOCKTNOSUPPORT 3446      The specified socket type is not supported.
ETIMEDOUT       3447      A remote host did not respond within the timeout period.
EUNATCH         3448      The protocol required to support the specified address family is not available at this time.
EBADF             3450    Descriptor is not valid.
EMFILE            3452    Too many open files for this process.
ENFILE            3453    Too many open files in the system.
EPIPE             3455    Broken pipe.
ECANCEL         3456      Operation cancelled.
EEXIST            3457    File exists.
EDEADLK         3459      Resource deadlock avoided.
ENOMEM            3460    Storage allocation request failed.
EOWNERTERM      3462      The synchronization object no longer exists because the owner is no longer running.
EDESTROYED      3463      The synchronization object was destroyed, or the object no longer exists.
ETERM             3464    Operation was terminated.
ENOENT1         3465      No such file or directory.
ENOEQFLOG       3466      Object is already linked to a dead directory.
EEMPTYDIR       3467      Directory is empty.
EMLINK            3468    Maximum link count for a file was exceeded.
ESPIPE            3469    Seek request is not supported for object.
ENOSYS            3470    Function not implemented.
EISDIR            3471    Specified target is a directory.
EROFS             3472    Read-only file system.
EUNKNOWN        3474      Unknown system state.
EITERBAD        3475      Iterator is not valid.
EITERSTE        3476      Iterator is in wrong state for operation.
EHRICLSBAD      3477      HRI class is not valid.
EHRICLBAD       3478      HRI subclass is not valid.
EHRITYPBAD      3479      HRI type is not valid.
ENOTAPPL        3480      Data requested is not applicable.
EHRIREQTYP      3481      HRI request type is not valid.
EHRINAMEBAD     3482      HRI resource name is not valid.
EDAMAGE         3484      A damaged object was encountered.
ELOOP             3485    A loop exists in the symbolic links.
ENAMETOOLONG    3486      A path name is too long.
ENOLCK            3487    No locks are available.
ENOTEMPTY       3488      Directory is not empty.
ENOSYSRSC       3489      System resources are not available.
ECONVERT        3490      Conversion error.
E2BIG             3491    Argument list is too long.
EILSEQ            3492    Conversion stopped due to input character that does not belong to the input codeset.
ETYPE             3493    Object type mismatch.
EBADDIR         3494      Attempted to reference a directory that was not found or was destroyed.
EBADOBJ         3495      Attempted to reference an object that was not found, was destroyed, or was damaged.
EIDXINVAL       3496      Data space index used as a directory is not valid.
ESOFTDAMAGE     3497      Object has soft damage.
ENOTENROLL      3498      User is not enrolled in system distribution directory.
EOFFLINE        3499      Object is suspended.
EROOBJ            3500    Object is a read-only object.
EEAHDDSI        3501      Hard damage on extended attribute data space index.
EEASDDSI        3502      Soft damage on extended attribute data space index.
EEAHDDS         3503      Hard damage on extended attribute data space.
EEASDDS         3504      Soft damage on extended attribute data space.
EEADUPRC        3505      Duplicate extended attribute record.
ELOCKED         3506      Area being read from or written to is locked.
EFBIG             3507    Object too large.
EIDRM             3509    The semaphore, shared memory, or message queue identifier is removed from the system.
ENOMSG            3510    The queue does not contain a message of the desired type and (msgflg logically ANDed with IPC_NOWAIT).
EFILECVT        3511      File ID conversion of a directory failed.
EBADFID         3512      A file ID could not be assigned when linking an object to a directory.
ESTALE            3513    File handle was rejected by server.
ESRCH             3515    No such process.
ENOTSIGINIT     3516      Process is not enabled for signals.
ECHILD            3517    No child process.
EBADH             3520    Handle is not valid.
ETOOMANYREFS    3523      The operation would have exceeded the maximum number of references allowed for a descriptor.
ENOTSAFE        3524      Function is not allowed.
EOVERFLOW       3525      Object is too large to process.
EJRNDAMAGE      3526      Journal is damaged.
EJRNINACTIVE    3527      Journal is inactive.
EJRNRCVSPC      3528      Journal space or system storage error.
EJRNRMT         3529      Journal is remote.
ENEWJRNRCV      3530      New journal receiver is needed.
ENEWJRN         3531      New journal is needed.
EJOURNALED      3532      Object already journaled.
EJRNENTTOOLONG  3533      Entry is too large to send.
EDATALINK       3534      Object is a datalink object.
ENOTAVAIL       3535      IASP is not available.
ENOTTY            3536    I/O control operation is not appropriate.
EFBIG2            3540    Attempt to write or truncate file past its sort file size limit.
ETXTBSY         3543      Text file busy.
EASPGRPNOTSET   3544      ASP group not set for thread.
ERESTART        3545      A system call was interrupted and may be restarted.
ESCANFAILURE    3546      An object has been marked as a scan failure due to processing by an exit program associated with the scan-related integrated file system exit points.